Printable Play Money For Kids – Just Like Banking Bills & Coins

Print out these fake money bills for free

kids-moneyAs a kid I loved playing with fake money and well the real one but my parents weren’t all that keen on that. I was running my own pretend store, was buying up properties in Monopoly and just enjoying having a few piles of money at hand. I was great with adding up numbers and returning the right amount of change even before I knew anything about mathematics, with play money it all seemed so natural and although I am not certain that just might be the reason why I never had any problems with maths and have even won a few math awards. Be it true or not I do think fake money is an excellent learning tool, be it for teaching the value of real money or as a sneaky way to get your kid started on maths…

I’ve created a few dollars for you to use for free (personal use naturally, and no this has nothing to do with your real world huntington online banking account), and have gathered some of the best looking (realistic and cute) free printable play money sheets and templates out there so you can download them and print them at your home. All will work great for kids to play with and quite a few will be great as a replacement for your lost Monopoly money (I loose it too and it hurts as I have a limited edition Star Wars one)…

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Realistic Play Money US, Euro & UK – Fake Bills & Coins That Resemble The Real Ones – Perfect for teaching kids on how to handle their money

If you want to teach your kids the value of real money by using fake ones your best bet is to go with the realistic looking ones. Now you can’t print the exact replicas as your printer might not allow it – there’s a safety thing in place that prevents you to print it – did you know that? I sure didn’t!

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Adding Labels To Home Boilers

Best HVAC Types For Your Home

Replacing or buying an HVAC for your house is a great responsibility. The unit you settle for will determine your home’s comfort, utility bills and how much you will pay for maintenance in the next 10 or so years. Since HVAC systems come in different configurations and sizes, it is wise to do some research before settling for a unit

Matching the System Type to Your Home

The most popular heating and cooling systems will use independent heating and cooling systems. Modern split systems and heat pumps combine the heating and cooling functions into one unit.

Choosing the Right System for Your House

To get the perfect system for your home, you will have to consider a couple of factors and apply them to the HVAC systems discussed below

-How cold or how hot can it get during winter or summer
-What kind of fuel or energy is readily available
-Do you have the money to fund expensive one-time installations or do you want to install in bits
-How big is your house
Cooling and heating costs
-Are you at liberty of ripping up the house and installing ducting

Split Systems

Split HVAC systems have a portion installed outside and another portion inside the home. In most cases, a split system consists of a furnace and an air conditioning unit. You can purchase each part of the system independently as long as you mind the compatibility. This gives you the freedom to do modular upgrades to whatever section of the system you think is underpowered.

-Split systems are fairly cheap and you can retrofit on an existing furnace
-Gas or oil heating is convenient and will work perfectly in cold regions
-You will need the installer to match the equipment and there are more components to use when building the complete split system

Hybrid Split Systems

With a hybrid heat split system, you will have the furnace for aggressive heating and a heat pump to handle all the cooling and some bit of the heating. Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient when it comes to heating. The only problem is their heating capabilities are easily overwhelmed by very cold weather. This is when the furnace will kick in to catch the slack.

-Highly energy efficient as they reduce the number of times you have to fall back to gas or oil furnaces
-Very efficient in cooling and heating

If you live in temperate regions, there is no need to use the hybrid layout. You can ditch the furnace and just use a heat pump. Chances are that it will hold it’s own even on the cold nights since temperatures will rarely dip too low. For more information on boiler quotes in the United Kingdom please see

Ductless Systems

The majority of HVAC systems will use a network of ducts to spread heated or cooled air. While this might be convenient in new houses, extending the system might be problematic. There are less possible failure points and the system tends to be more efficient.

According to the US Department of Energy, you can save up to $875 in utility bills by choosing the best ductless system.

Moreover, installation is easier and cheaper as there are no ducts to lay. There won’t be residual dust, pet hair or pollen in ducts to worry about, leaving your system fresh and efficient for longer. However, you might have to do maintenance more often since the system will tend to work harder year-round especially when you force a small system to condition a big room.

Packaged HVAC
Packaged systems are the best for small houses or rental apartments that are too small to accommodate a split system. The heating and cooling parts of the system go into your house saving much-needed space.

The system will have fewer components, hence it will be cheaper. You also won’t have to tamper with the house too much to get the system up and running making it perfect for people spending temporary time in rental houses. The system is, however, less efficient and will cost you more to run as show by these HVAC replacement cost estimates from

Apart from choosing the system type, you will also have to match the HVAC size to your home size. Buying too small a unit or something too big will affect efficiency and power consumption.

Hurricane Windows and Storm Shutters

One of the best things you can do this year as you prepare for hurricane season is invest in a good set of hurricane shutters for your home according to Hurricane windows will not only help save you money in repair bills, but they also help protect your home and those inside it during storms, by protecting the glass so it isn’t shattered by flying debris.

Do I Need Shutters?

Another popular question is do I really need the shutters. If you live in any of the coastal communities from Texas to Maine, and those that are in hurricane prone areas should have hurricane shutters. Not only are they effective at protecting your home from wind and the objects flying in a storm, but after windows are breached, the wind causes high pressures inside of a home, which can rip the entire roof off a house. Most household damages and failures can be avoided with a set of properly installed hurricane shutters. But that leads to the next question.

Can I Just Tape My Windows?

Some common misconceptions are that you can just simply tape up the window and that should be good enough. In reality, taping your windows for a storm is nothing more than a waste of tape. So save your tape rather for your print persuits. Flying debris can still hit the glass, shattering it. And in the event that your windows are not broken, the tape residue that is left is a pain to remove. Your best bet is to put up either plywood or hurricane windows. Have a look at storm windows menards as a real-world example. But what about sliding glass doors and doors with ornamental glass fronts? And the answer is yes, those should be protected as well. All of these doors should be protected, as well as double doors and even garage doors, as these have been known to be ripped away from homes during larger hurricanes.

What if I Evacuate?

What if I plan on evacuating? Even if you know you’re going to evacuate for every storm, having hurricane shutters on your home will give you the peace of mind knowing that your home has the best chance and the highest line of defense against all that mother nature can throw at it, which gives you peace of mind, knowing that even though your neighbors’ homes may not be there, yours still might be. Storm windows also help prevent theft in the wake of large natural disasters, as well as provide better flood protection as well

Kinds of Shutters

OK, I want storm shutters. But what is the best kind? The top 3 category’s that storm shutters usually fall into include affordability, easy installation, and protection offered. Some shutters fall into one of these 3 category’s, with many offering all 3. The type, model, and design of the shutters will all be based off of these few things, and you can choose the shutters that meet your needs. Some shutters offer the convenience of easy installation and removal, but sacrifice when it comes to protection ratings, by being made out of lightweight aluminum over heavier steel. When budgets can’t afford high quality steel applications, plywood can be used. But for most, a good balance between higher protection and affordability is where you should be looking. Storm shutters are only as good as those that install them. Making sure that you use a licensed, reputable installer is crucial in storm windows performing to their optimum. Just make sure that the storm shutters you choose meet or exceed the building codes for the local area.This leads to another logical question.

When Should I Get Shutters?

When is the best time to get shutters? The best time is when the house is being built, as the shutters can be taken into account for design and application, although they can be purchased at any time. Just remember if you wait till hurricane season, local installers might already be busy helping all your friends and neighbors secure their homes. Do not wait till a hurricane watch has been issued for your area. Also, you should check all of your storm shutters at the beginning of hurricane season each year to make sure that your shutters are in good, operating order, and that they can be repaired before a large storm comes, so you’re totally prepared. Checking your supplies, and if you use plywood to cover windows, checking the wood for warp-age or other damage can save you time trying to find a good sheet of wood when a hurricane comes.

Shatter Resistant Glass/Glass Film

What about those shatter resistant replacement windows and that plastic film that can be placed on windows? And it’s true that those can be used in helping prevent damage to windows, the extreme pressures associated with wind, along with the objects that the wind is blowing are all factors when choosing storm protection. Shatter resistant and plastic filmed windows are good in places that shutter installation is impossible or extremely difficult. They do offer some protection, but offer less than storm windows. In the least, cover shatter resistant windows with a plywood panel. Keep in mind that the film only protects the glass, and that the frame is still under pressure, which might give way. Also, films and safety glass might not meet local building codes. Also check local sources online such as

Who to Trust

So I have decided to buy storm shutters, but who do I trust to install them? The best way to decide who to use to install your storm shutters should be a company that specializes in it. Choose one that is licensed, and get references, and check them, if they have a website, check the comments on work they have done. Ask neighbors who they had install their storm shutters. Doing some research now will save you in the long run. Checking with the Better Business Bureau is also a good way to find out a lot about a company.

Plywood Shutters

OK, I looked at shutters, but I can’t afford these. If you find that you can’t afford storm shutters, the next best thing to use is plywood, installed inside the window frame. Plywood used for this should be already primed and ready, exterior grade, and at least 5/8 inch thick. Having a good fit for each panel is crucial for it to work effectively. Wood though, like glass, has a tendency to break when harder objects are slammed into it. When storing plywood when not in use, make sure to store it in a dry area, since both heat and moisture can warp and ruin your storm shutter plywood boards. If buying plywood for all of your windows is too expensive to do all at once, even buying wood for a couple of windows at a time is better than having nothing ready. Labeling the panels also helps aid in installation.

Home Owner Associations and Condo Owners

I own a condo. Can they prevent me from having shutters? The answer to this is basically no. Home owner associations, condo owner clubs, and other groups like this can tell you what colors, or style, etc. that the storm shutter has to be, but they cannot prevent you from owning and installing one on your condo. Check with your local HOA or condo owners group and check to see what they have as requirements if you are going to have storm shutters installed on your home.


Wall Mural Kids Art Prints

Children and their art
Young children love making art. They let their creativity flow from mind to paper with out worrying what anyone thinks of it. Before you know it their precious art pieces have taken over the house! You would like to keep all of them but there are only so many drawings a refrigerator can hold.
There are some great ideas out there for preserving and displaying your child’s artwork:
Frame it:
Go through your child’s art with them and select both your favourites. Sometimes they like things that you don’t and that’s ok. We teach them that not everyone has the same tastes. Take their pictures and attaché it onto the wall, even consider kids wall murals, or hang papers from a clothes line stretched against the wall or put it up in beautiful, colourful frames.
Designate an entire wall in your child’s bedroom or in the house for displaying their artwork. You can update the collection every few months with more recent creations.
Gift it:
Children’s art makes nice gifts. Especially for family members. Stick their little drawings or paintings in a big photo album. Frame a picture for granny or grandpa to hang up in their house.
You can make a collage of all their best drawings. Let them choose the pictures.
Make a game:
Another way to use your children’s art is to make puzzles from it. Cut it out and stick it to some heavy-duty card. Your child will have fun putting his own art together and you will save money from buying a brand new puzzle.
Take photos:
If you don’t feel like doing any of the above and you don’t have space to keep any of their art but want to remember what they did, take photos of your favourite pieces and store it digitally.  That way you can also share it with them when they’re older. There are a number of apps available to upload and organise your child’s art.
Make a book of it:
Turn some of their pictures into a coffee table book. Again choose pieces with your child with made to order kids wall murals and let them help you with the layout. This doesn’t have to look professional, it is your child’s art after all.

Eco Printing Of Cds And Washing Lines

The Green Thumb of CDs

In an attempt to save trees and the environment, are also new options for duplication. Eco-friendly options within CD duplication is another way to begin the process of getting your products into the public and helping to save the environment at the same time.

The major way in which CD duplication is beginning to contribute to the environment is through packaging options. Using the slim trays instead of jewel cases, for instance, is a popular option in order to reduce the amount of material that is used for each CD and still allow the same amount of professional quality to be seen in each package. Keeping this option in mind when you are deciding on packaging is an easy way for you to save a tree.

Not only does the casing help with going green, but the products that are produced to compliment your CD are also taking an eco-friendly approach. If you want to be environment cautious, you can also look at the options for paper stock. This includes things such as recycled paper, fiber board and wood free options. There are several manufacturers who specialize in this in order to help with the environment.

Not only can you get the inserts as these types of products, but can also build your entire CD cover with this. If you decide to use a mail jacket or a regular slip jacket, it will be easier to find the right eco-friendly options. These types of covers also come with alternative material options, including foam boards, fiberboard and recycled materials. With the alternative materials used, you can easily create a CD that is environment friendly.

The result with the materials that are used is that your entire CD package can become biodegradable. Not only will you be saving on materials through recycled and alternative materials, but you will also be helping the environment to stay clean through the different ways in which you approach your CD manufacturing. This becomes an important concept when placing together your eco-friendly package.

The biodegradable concept moves past the materials and into the details of your packaging. One of the large components of this is the use of ink in the CD. Companies have now found ways to become environmentally friendly with print. This is specifically done through the use of vegetable oil or soy as a base, which is environmentally sensitive. The varnishes and inks that can not have this base use low content in chemicals and are water based instead, allowing for less man-made fumes to be placed in the environment. You can look for the ingredients in the ink or can find carbon neutral options that are used in the materials.

If you want to top off your green thumb, you can also consider making short runs of your CD instead of mass productions. This means only printing off 500 or less in bulk at one time. This will allow you to save on wasted materials and ensure that your market takes what is already duplicated without any left overs. This simple, but eco-friendly option, will allow you to contribute to the environment and to mixed media at the same time.

No matter what type of CD you are producing, having eco-friendly options can help you to contribute in more than one way. Knowing the options for materials, manufacturing and the process of the CD duplication can further your abilities to remain aware of the environment while printing your CD. Check the great eco friendly washing lines example from hills rotary line.

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Our Popular Printed Japanese Sushi Menus

WaSa’s fresh take on our printed sushi menus

It’s 7:30 on a Tuesday night, and 20 people are waiting to get into WaSa Sushi and Japanese Restaurant.

Good sign.

They’re chatting happily outside in the winter chill of a shopping center parking lot in Irvine, Orange County, Calif. No grousing about the wait, just lots of chatter about the dining experience that awaits.

Another good sign.

Businessman Bronnie Lee and chef James Hamamori have a hit with their “new generation” sushi houses in Irvine and Newport Beach. They’re places that stand out in Orange County’s crowded sushi world. (The pair are also behind restaurants with the WaSa name in Rancho Santa Margarita and Laguna Niguel).

For fans, it’s the novelty of what Hamamori’s doing with sushi and other Japanese fare that defines the appeal. And for some detractors who sampled the food with me, it’s the novelty of what he’s doing with sushi and other Japanese fare.

That novelty comes to life with the “WaSa Treasures,” a list of 16 plates that take two-piece sushi servings and fuse them with sharp, saucy flavors. That is melded with a tradition-stocked sushi bar and a host of intriguing cold and hot appetizers and dinner entrees.

That Tuesday night, I grabbed four of the treasures at carry-out and hustled them home. I loved all four — ahi tuna in wasabi sour cream, smoked salmon with ginger sauce, seared yellowtail with jalapeño and seared jumbo scallop with tangy miso. The sauces were light, just touching on the essence of the raw fish, a zesty punch to my palate. I never even opened my little take-out portion f wasabi and soy sauce.

My wife, who is no fan of sauces on any food, turned thumbs down. She just objected to the sauces, on principle.

The same thing happened when I took three colleagues to lunch two weeks later. One is a relative sushi newcomer, one an aficionado, the third a devotee. I’m somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

We sat at the bamboo sushi bar and settled into the cool room, which is painted in pastels and decorated in a hip, West L.A. style.

“Nice room,” said the aficionado, who is a designer. When our first course arrived, she hummed “nice presentation,” in approval.

“Wow,” the newcomer said, after biting into the seared yellowtail with jalapeño. The other two nodded in agreement, their mouths full. More full-mouthed murmurs of approval for the ahi tuna with wasabi sour cream.

“This is fantastic, a great place for people who are a little unsure of sushi,” the newcomer gushed.

And that set the devotee on a mission to see if the traditional sushi menu could stand up to her exacting standards.

She tried the salmon skin roll (baked salmon skin, cucumber, radish, bonito flakes, $3.75), pronouncing it “not bad” while the others bit in and exclaimed, “Oh, yeah!”

The lobster roll (steamed lobster, smelt egg, avocado, asparagus and mayo wrapped in soy paper) was too bland for her taste.

We took a side trip to the spicy tuna tartar when we spied a waitress carrying an order to another table.

The mound of raw tuna is piled into a tower, topped with avocado and a spicy sauce, all set on a banana leaf.<b< div=””>

It was gorgeous, and we admired it on the plate for a full beat before we dove in.“I’m not sharing this,” the newcomer blurted out, though he had no choice. The aficionado and the devotee agreed: It was the best.After a few more exotic wanderings, the devotee wrapped up with kaki — an oyster shooter — and said that it, too, was not bad — a compliment.We all agreed that WaSa was a lively, fun place and that the sushi and other offerings ranged from interesting at worst to fantastic at best.That’s what Lee was shooting for when he opened the first WaSa in the Irvine Market Place shopping center in 2001. He’d spent more than a decade as an accountant. But he also put himself through California State University, Long Beach, working in his cousin’s restaurant. Then, he spent two years moonlighting as a minimum-wage sushi apprentice, including time working for Hamamori at O Sushi in Brea.

Hamamori worked his way up and through the Los Angeles sushi scene before Lee lured him to Irvine, then Newport Beach.

“There was just nothing like what we do going on in Orange County,” said Lee, an Irvine resident. “We brought the West L.A. style to O.C. — the sauces, the presentation, the whole visual side.”

After opening a small, traditional-sized sushi bar in Irvine, they added a tonier take in the Newport Bluffs shopping center in 2003. More upscale presentation, and prices.

But it’s the sauces and the style that they’re most proud of.

“We’re adding another layer of flavor,” Lee said.

It’s just what WaSa’s fans love.

Find sushi bars online and hot up and coming sushi restaurants.