Printable Play Money For Kids – Just Like Banking Bills & Coins

Print out these fake money bills for free

kids-moneyAs a kid I loved playing with fake money and well the real one but my parents weren’t all that keen on that. I was running my own pretend store, was buying up properties in Monopoly and just enjoying having a few piles of money at hand. I was great with adding up numbers and returning the right amount of change even before I knew anything about mathematics, with play money it all seemed so natural and although I am not certain that just might be the reason why I never had any problems with maths and have even won a few math awards. Be it true or not I do think fake money is an excellent learning tool, be it for teaching the value of real money or as a sneaky way to get your kid started on maths…

I’ve created a few dollars for you to use for free (personal use naturally, and no this has nothing to do with your real world huntington online banking account), and have gathered some of the best looking (realistic and cute) free printable play money sheets and templates out there so you can download them and print them at your home. All will work great for kids to play with and quite a few will be great as a replacement for your lost Monopoly money (I loose it too and it hurts as I have a limited edition Star Wars one)…

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Realistic Play Money US, Euro & UK – Fake Bills & Coins That Resemble The Real Ones – Perfect for teaching kids on how to handle their money

If you want to teach your kids the value of real money by using fake ones your best bet is to go with the realistic looking ones. Now you can’t print the exact replicas as your printer might not allow it – there’s a safety thing in place that prevents you to print it – did you know that? I sure didn’t!

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Wall Mural Kids Art Prints

Children and their art
Young children love making art. They let their creativity flow from mind to paper with out worrying what anyone thinks of it. Before you know it their precious art pieces have taken over the house! You would like to keep all of them but there are only so many drawings a refrigerator can hold.
There are some great ideas out there for preserving and displaying your child’s artwork:
Frame it:
Go through your child’s art with them and select both your favourites. Sometimes they like things that you don’t and that’s ok. We teach them that not everyone has the same tastes. Take their pictures and attaché it onto the wall, even consider kids wall murals, or hang papers from a clothes line stretched against the wall or put it up in beautiful, colourful frames.
Designate an entire wall in your child’s bedroom or in the house for displaying their artwork. You can update the collection every few months with more recent creations.
Gift it:
Children’s art makes nice gifts. Especially for family members. Stick their little drawings or paintings in a big photo album. Frame a picture for granny or grandpa to hang up in their house.
You can make a collage of all their best drawings. Let them choose the pictures.
Make a game:
Another way to use your children’s art is to make puzzles from it. Cut it out and stick it to some heavy-duty card. Your child will have fun putting his own art together and you will save money from buying a brand new puzzle.
Take photos:
If you don’t feel like doing any of the above and you don’t have space to keep any of their art but want to remember what they did, take photos of your favourite pieces and store it digitally.  That way you can also share it with them when they’re older. There are a number of apps available to upload and organise your child’s art.
Make a book of it:
Turn some of their pictures into a coffee table book. Again choose pieces with your child with made to order kids wall murals and let them help you with the layout. This doesn’t have to look professional, it is your child’s art after all.

Online Print Products

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Business Card Printing Options

Every printing job is like a snowflake – each is different and unique. When a person or business owner needs printing they want to make sure that they get quality prints all the time. However, what printing service and print shop to use will depend largely on your printing needs.

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If you decide to print the business cards yourself you have

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