Planning Your Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors to Meet Building Codes

Well before the patio doors and windows arrive at the site for installation, planning and research should be done to choose a window or patio door that fits the situation.

Check the local building department’s requirements regarding egress, safety glass, and grade (structural integrity) before obtaining estimates and bids.

Retrofitting a house with high performance vinyl windows and patio doors can produce significant energy savings and improved comfort.

However, when the right window is installed incorrectly or worse yet, when wrong window or patio door is installed incorrectly, energy savings will be few, structure and furnishings may be damaged, and the occupants’ safety may be jeopardized. The energy retrofitter needs to understand more than U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients when choosing and installing a window.

Different Types Of Vinyl Windows

Casement Windows

The Casement Window is a style of window that is opened with a crank, lever or can handle. Before hung windows or sliding windows emerged in popularity, Casement Windows were among the most common house windows. Casement Windows are usually hinged at the sides and open inward.

Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows are fundamentally two panes of glass that are separated by air or gas and then sealed. There is also a special glazing film placed on the inside window to help conserve energy. Double Glazed Windows that have gas between the panes are considered to have better insulation properties.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows provide greater air flow than Single Hung Windows as both sashes operate vertically. The bottom sash can be raised and the upper sash can be lowered, which is also helpful in making the cleaning of Double Hung Windows easier. Several styles of Double Hung Windows allows easy removal of the sash for cleaning or painting.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows feature a static upper sash and a movable lower sash. The lower sash can be made to only be raised for air flow, or it can also be made to tilt so that the lower sash can be cleaned from the inside. Homeowners on a budget may find Single Hung Windows to be a more affordable option than some of its counterparts.


Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows, often called “Sliders”, are extremely energy efficient and are highly customizable. Sliding windows are easy to clean and provide great views from your home. Sliding Windows open by horizontally sliding one sash past another. All styles of Sliding Vinyl Windows can either lift out or tilt in for efficient cleaning.