Lifts for Disabled & Handicap – You Deserve Your Mobility Freedom

If you or someone you know is struggling with a disability, there are a variety of mobility options that you should be aware of that can dramatically improve the quality of one’s life. Let’s take a moment to go over some of the most popular stair lifts for disabled options. Some may or may not be relevant to you and your situation, but it never hurts to be aware of what options are out there. Okay, without further ado, let’s get started. Stair Lifts The best way to describe a stair lift is to imagine having a chair that’s attached to a rail that runs along your staircase. If you’re downstairs, all you have to do is sit in the chair and then you will be transported to the second floor.

This is incredibly useful for people who don’t want to give up being able to access their entire home. Far too many people are often faced with the terrible choice of either having to give up their home, or relegate themselves to only living on one floor of their home. Neither is a good option, and stair lifts make the point moot since you can easily travel from one floor to another without having to walk up or down the stairs. Learn more about stair lifts Wheelchair Lifts People who are wheelchair-bound often find themselves unable to get around by car. Why? Because there’s no real place to put a wheelchair. Just as there are bicycle racks for those who enjoy riding a bike, there are also wheelchair lifts that can be used to transport one’s wheelchair. Two basic options exist. The first is for people who just need a place to put their wheelchair.

They’re able to get around on their own two feet, but not for long period of time. To drive, they need to be able to take their wheelchair with them. The second option is for those who plan to drive their vehicle from their wheelchair. They need a mechanism that will enable them to easily access the vehicle without having to dismount from the wheelchair. Learn more about wheelchair lifts Lift Chairs People who have trouble standing up from a seated position are in luck. Lift chairs provide a safe and easy way to be able to independently get up from a seated position. Let me briefly describe what a lift chair looks like. If you can imagine a typical recliner that so many people have in their homes, that’s basically what this is.

The only difference is that this chair can hoist you up and allow you to get up far easier than if you had to use your body strength to get up from the chair. Learn more about lift chairs Scooter Lifts For those who need a scooter to get around, scooter lifts provide a safe and convenient way to take your scooter with you when you travel by car. This is especially important for people who work and yet who need a scooter to get around their workplace environment.