Tree Doctors offer the following tree services:

Tree Felling

Tree felling or tree dismantling is the removal of trees to ground level, and can be carried out at any time of the year except in the presence of nesting birds.

Our tree surgeons use specialist lowering equipment to ensure their safety whilst reducing the impact of the tree surgery work to the working area below.

The tree will then be treated with a herbicide where necessary to prevent re-growth, or if required we can offer a stump removal service.

Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping (also known as crown reduction) is normally carried out on a tree which has outgrown its location.

Tree lopping work is carried out throughout the US by our tree surgeons, although early spring is avoided as it can be detrimental to some species.

Dead Wood Removal

Most tree surgeons will remove dead, dying, diseased, detached or broken branches in order to improve general tree aesthetics

Stump Removal

Also known as stump grinding, stump removal is the removal of tree stumps for aesthetic or building purposes. Alltree surgeons have access to specialist equipment for stump removal.

Tree Surgery Service

These are just some of the professional tree services that experienced tree surgeons carry out on a daily basis.

Sectional Felling & Tree Removal

The removal of a tree to ground level. The tree is dismantled in sections using the latest rope and rigging techniques so as not to cause damage to surrounding structures and plant life. A technique used to remove a tree in one cut. Its the easiest method of removal but comes with some associated risks such as available space. Once on the ground the tree will be “sned” and “cross-cut” into bitesize chunks and removed from the site.

Crown Reductions

Reducing the overall size and volume of the tree whilst maintaining its original shape.

Tree Pollarding

Tree Pollarding is a ongoing method of maintaining trees at a particular height.

Professional tree surgeons will remove all branches to leave only a basic shape and trunk so that new tree can be managed.

Crown Lifting & Tree Pruning

Removing the lowest branches of the tree allowing increased sunlight penetration and air circulation.

Crown Thinning & Clearing – Tree Care

Crown Thinning involves removing branches throughout the crown to allow more light. Crown Cleaning, usually done in conjunction with thinning removes dead, diseased or weakly attached branches that are in danger of falling.